Technology: both blessing and curse

When I consider the fundamental changes to everyday life wrought by technology over the last twenty five years or so, it is truly astounding. Not that long ago, I tried to explain to my teenage children what a world without mobiles, tablets, snapchat and satnav was like. It was very clear that they were struggling […]

CRM and social media: An easy alliance

Leveraging the power of data to drive profitable marketing communications has been with us for many years, and has developed into a highly sophisticated discipline that attracts serious budget from everyone from airlines, supermarkets, car manufacturers, hotel and holiday groups. It is worth it because it works. The profits from database marketing are significantly higher […]

Achieving 20:20 vision for the brand

Database analysis, (proper) web analysis and market research are the eyes and ears of brands that need to know what customers are thinking and feeling about them, what they are buying, how much, how often, why, when and where. And when these different strands of insight are meaningfully brought together, the brand effectively has 20:20 […]